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Finding skilled security guards is one of the most difficult responsibilities for any security guard company manager or owner. Finding a warm body is simple, but finding security guards that won’t irritate your clients or earn you a 30-day termination letter is far more difficult. So, if you’re a security guard manager trying to hire the best of the best, what should you do? In the same way that your officers should consider their W’s (who, what, when, where, why, and how) while writing an incident report, you should consider your W’s when employing security guards.


Candidates with no criminal history: Although background checks might be costly, they are a necessity for officer certification in many jurisdictions, so don’t omit them. Companies that hired security guards with criminal records have been hit with multimillion-dollar judgments.

Candidates with excellent interpersonal skills include: On the day of the interview, be careful to assess the guard’s interactions with you and your team. Are they enjoyable? Are they security company London? Are they well-dressed and polished? Remember that wherever these officers are assigned, they will be representing you and your consumer. On a Monday morning, you don’t want impolite or unprofessional officers welcoming your customers.

Candidates that write well: As we all know, well-written reports are critical in generating a strong first impression on clients. So, give your prospects a quick writing exam to see if they have decent writing skills. I used to ask candidates to express what they saw in fewer than 200 words using an image similar to the one on the right. Needless to say, this writing test excluded a lot of security guards.

Candidates who pass a drug test: This one should go without saying. Whether it’s a seven-panel or ten-panel drug test, make sure you test EVERY officer before recruiting and at random afterward.


Security training schools: If you manage a training school and train a significant number of security guards, you already profit from having a huge pool of applicants to pick from. If you don’t have a security training school or don’t train a lot of security guards, you should consider partnering with one or two. They can direct you to their best students, who can assist you find the guards you require. This is a two-way street since it allows the school to brag about their ability to find jobs for its pupils.

Your website: If your website does not allow potential employees to upload resumes, you are missing out on a major opportunity. Without much work on your part, your website can collect applications and resumes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Using your social media accounts: There are a variety of ways to use social media to assist recruit security guards. Creating social media accounts dedicated to hiring security guards is my personal favorite. Tell potential candidates to follow you to be notified of open openings on your employment application page.


Every single time: Among all the hiring skills I’ve learnt, the one that has had the greatest influence on my company is knowing when to hunt for people. If you’re in charge of hiring security guards, I’m sure you’ve made a dubious hire at some point in your career because you needed someone right away. Those recruits rarely work out and end up costing you money in the long run. I developed what I called a “Continuous Interviewing” method after seeing this multiple times. That meant that our company was always interviewing candidates. We continued to interview even when no openings were available. We were able to find good candidates long before we required them because of continual interviewing. As a result, we were able to recruit high-quality security personnel whenever we needed them. Not to mention, we were able to cut turnover by recruiting the officers we desired.


In the WHO section, I mentioned the first few of HOWs: background checks, writing exams, and drug testing. But, in addition to those fundamentals, you need additionally provide these two HOWs.

Test the candidates’ technological aptitude: Security guards have been asked to use more technology in recent years. As a result, you must be certain that the security guards you hire are capable of using whatever technology they will meet on the job. CCTV cameras, real-time guard tour tracking, and security guard reporting software are examples of this technology. Make sure your prospects are competent of mastering any technologies your guards utilize.

Be a GREAT company: The simplest approach to find good security guards is to be the type of firm that your present guards recommend to their friends. Remember to reward your officers for spreading the word by giving them a bonus or a monetary award for each candidate they recommend that is employed and stays for a defined period of time. Your security guards understand what it takes to execute their jobs and have a vested interest in hiring officers who won’t make them work multiple shifts due to a no-show.

It takes forethought to hire security guards.

Although it is considerably easier to hire security guards immediately, it will ultimately cost you more than it is worth. Hiring and putting unqualified security guards will harm your company’s brand and financial viability. Take your time and create a hiring strategy that will ensure you have the high-quality security guards you require. Finally, it is the only method to secure the long-term prosperity of your business.