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Many people don’t like the idea of sex toys being discussed. Sex toys can be a fun and healthy way to satisfy your partner. They can also help you sleep better, relieve stress, and maintain your health.

There are so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right one. We’re going to help our patients with safe sex toys by describing which options are best and what to watch out for.

Find out what you want

There are so many sex toys on the market! Pun intended! Consider if the toy will be focused on one body part. Would you rather a toy that requires you to work with your partner? You can have vibrations sent to your sensitive areas by your partner with guide for delay spray, regardless of whether they are in the same room as you or in another part of the world. Do you prefer a rechargeable or battery-operated toys?

It’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of your needs before you make your purchase. Too many options can cause you to shirk away.

Research Reviews

Check out reviews on the sex toys you are interested in. Find out what other people think about the product and if they had any problems with comfort or performance.

Take a look at what it’s made of

This is particularly important as many sex toys don’t have FDA regulations.

Most commonly, sex toys can be made from one of three types: slightly porous, porous or non-porous. Non-porous products are easier to clean and will kill any bacteria. Silicone, ABS plastics and pyrex are all non-porous. ABS plastic, which is a hard plastic that many children’s toys are made from such as Legos, is what you need to know. Silicone toys are softer than plastic and easier to clean. They are also the most popular sex toys. Avoid picking anything made of untempered glass. This can cause you to break and possibly injure yourself.

It is important to use it correctly

After you have chosen your sex toys, be sure to care for it. It should be cleaned often. After using the toy on another person, we recommend washing it with warm water and soap. Make sure to dry the product properly. Each toy comes with its own care instructions.

Why is the Rabbit Style so popular?

Popularized on TV and in magazines, the rabbit-style toy was Sex and the City. This toy stimulates several erogenous areas, which is why it is so popular. A rabbit toy can stimulate women to have an orgasm. The sensation is usually intense and lasts longer than other orgasmic waves. It’s amazing!

Still Feeling Shy?

Dr. Cathy Larrimore is the founder of Covington Women’s Health Specialists. She has counseled thousands over the years about their sexual health. Many women worry about what their loved ones or children will think if they find a doll among their belongings. Dr. Larrimore recommends that women who are concerned about this possibility put a note in the drawer where they keep their toys. It should read, “You found mine, and now you understand, that I was normal!”

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