Marijuana – Easily Accessible To Teens – So Very Dangerous

It is often viewed as a safe drug that does not lead to addiction. The “gateway drug” is marijuana. Users are often seen first trying out marijuana before moving on to more powerful drugs like opioids. Teenagers are at greatest risk. According to a survey, one in ten children use marijuana on a regular basis. More than 25% of high school students have had some experience with it.

The most commonly used illegal drug in America is marijuana, and its users are growing at an alarming pace.

What is the secret to this wide use of marijuana, and why has the number of people who smoke it fallen while they are consuming more other drugs? This is due to the ease of access to this drug. Access to marijuana is easy in nearly all American cities. Although you may need to have special “contacts” to get other drugs or chemicals, marijuana can be purchased on the streets. Also, marijuana is cheaper than other drugs and easily available for purchase. These two facts make marijuana very accessible and readily available to teenagers.

A recent survey found that most high school students knew where marijuana could be purchased, even though they weren’t using it. It is easy to find marijuana near schools all across the country. Teenagers don’t often have to travel far to obtain marijuana. Many peddlers can be found near the school and are willing to sell their products to anyone interested. They are also known to frequent high school parties where marijuana is the most readily available and most commonly used drug. Teenagers have such easy access to marijuana that it is dangerous.

Many teens don’t hesitate to try marijuana because it is safe.

It is not what people think of marijuana as. Instead, they perceive it as a white powder to be snorted, or a liquid that can be injected. In reality, marijuana doesn’t feel like a drug. Teens surveyed believed marijuana was safe and non-addictive. Because marijuana is not as appealing to teens as it appears in popular culture, many teens don’t understand the significance of the whole thing. The first time a teenager takes a drag, which looks and feels just like smoking a cigarette, is the start of a lonely and dangerous journey towards drug addiction.

Teens need to be educated about the dangers of marijuana and taught how to distinguish between the good and the bad. Teens should be able make informed decisions and not be influenced by peer pressure, as marijuana is readily available.

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